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Modern White Design Template - Made for Fruition based Notion Websites

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About this template:

  • Design template for Fruition based Notion websites.
  • For this theme I tried to be as simple as possible. It's all white with slight shadows and and upward movement when hovering over an element.
  • In the bundle you will get the Notion Plus theme which I offer for free on and on Gumroad. You can pay any extra amount you like. This theme is a low key upgrade of the regular public Notion page. Softer color's, simplified top bar, beautiful animations, tables & galleries.
  • View Live examples:
    - Personal Page: Notion Plus | Modern White
    - Fruition Plus: Notion Plus | Modern White
  • Have a look at all my bundles & designs and choose the most valuable for you :)
  • Like all my nine templates the styling is heavily based the following Notion content blocks:
    - Callouts
    - Tables, Gallery & Grouped Database views
    - Toggles
    -Background color
    This means that this theme works beautifully on top of any Notion page template using these blocks.

What you will get:

  • The complete Fruition script including & the custom CSS separately - ready to copy and paste.
  • A detailed step-by step installation guide. If you are unsure if you are able to install it: Have a look here.
  • Two Notion templates:
    - A Sales template, great for any product you might want to present (see here)
    (The same used for
    - A personal website template (see here)
    (the same that I currently use for my own:

The story behind Fruition design templates:

  • Many people build their personal website, portfolio or landing page using While there are some paid, professional Notion website builders there is one open source and free Notion website builder that I came to love:
  • After building five websites (that are live today) using Notion and Fruition I got tired of the default Notion look and wanted to spice things up.
  • To change that, I started a website called Fruition Plus - A place where I collect CSS snippets, the ingredients that change the look of the Fruition powered Notion website. With these snippets people can design their own templates.
  • In the process I created nine beautiful and different design themes for everyone who uses Fruition for their Notionwebsite.

Are templates updated?

All templates work at the time of sale. However, I will not necessarily update them if they break. keeps developing the platform which means that the architecture might change and therefore templates can stop working over time. If i update them, you will get them at no extra cost.

Can I modify the template?

Yes you can modify the template for your personal use. If you want to sell a version of it, please modify it “enough” to call it your own.

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Modern White / Notion Plus Design Template - Made for Fruition based Notion Websites


Modern White Design Template - Made for Fruition based Notion Websites

0 ratings
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