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Explore different Notion Website Templates for Fruition

or sign up to my Notion Linktree alternative Lnkrr. Enjoy:)

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Lnkrr Premium

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Lnkrr Premium

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Turn your Notion Page into a beautiful & easy to manage Linktree. Use one short Link to share all your content on any platform.

What you will get:

  • Custom name handle. (
  • 10 stunning themes to beautify your site.
    You get 10 custom live links one for each theme.
  • Switch your themes anytime.
    Simply change the link in your online presence.
  • Unlimited links and content on your page.
  • No account or login is needed - No Lnkrr branding.
  • We will send you the active link within 24 hours.

Save 50% on the annual plan and only pay 12€ for an entire year.

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Beautify your Notion powered Linktree and make a creator happy.

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